Bulletin 2.

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21st IARU World ARDF Championships

August 27 – September 2, 2023
Liberec, Czech Republic

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Dear sport and ARDF friends,

On behalf of the Czech Radio Club we would like to invite you all to the North Bohemia in the Czech Republic for the 21st IARU World ARDF Championships. North Bohemia is a very diverse region with many nature reserves and protected areas. Its regional capital and the Championships venue, Liberec, is surrounded by Jizera Mountains and Lusatian Mountains. We hope you will appreciate beautiful Bohemian forests as much as we do.
We would be also happy to see you all in the Training camp, held between August 24 and 26, 2023.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Liberec!

Miroslav Vlach, OK1UMY
Chairman of the organizing committee

Liberec radnice


IARU Region 1, Czech Radio Club (CRC)


Czech ARDF Association
WC 2023 organizing committee
Zátopkova 100/2
P.O. Box 40 Prague 6 – Strahov
Czech Republic
email: info@ardf2023.cz
web: https://www.ardf2023.cz/
phone: +420 728 192 716


Liberec is a city from the 16th century known for its industry, culture and many sport events – especially in skiing and ice hockey. Liberec offers many things to do and see during your day off. Its dominant is the Town hall, designed in the alpine renaissance style at the end of 19th century by the Viennese architect Franz Neumann. In the Liberec ZOO you can see numerous wild cats, among which are white Bengal tigers (the only ones in CZ), snow leopards, lynxes and lions. For nature-lovers there is Liberec's Botanical Garden, dating back more than 125 years and including Europe's oldest bonsai tree, diverse display of carnivorous plants, or an underwater walkway with tropical fish.


Transportation to the venue:

Liberec can be reached by car (highway D10 Praha – Turnov, use exit 71 to motorway E442 to Liberec), by train (Praha – Turnov, Turnov – Liberec), or by bus (Praha, Černý most – Liberec).
The transportation of participants from the Prague international airport (PRG) can be provided upon request. Such request shall be sent to organizers well in advance (together with entries), certainly not later than three weeks before event. Price will be 420 CZK per person for two ways.

Event center and accommodation:

The Dormitory of Technical University of Liberec
Adress: 17.listopadu 584, Liberec, Czech Republic
Web: https://koleje.tul.cz/

The dormitory offers accommodation in appartments with 2-3 double rooms, kitchenette and a bathroom.

International Jury:

Chairman of the Jury Lucien Vidal, F4DKA REF France
Referee at the start Franci Žankar, S57CT ZRS Slovenia
Referee at the finish Rusko Rusev, LZ1RT BFRA Bulgaria
Referees in competition area Choi Hyeong Moon, HL4CFN KARL South Korea
  Jack Bramham, VK3WWW WIA Australia
  Igor Lazarev, US0VA UARL Ukraine
  Dragan Gacpar, YU3GD SRS Serbia
  Stipe Predanić, 9A5SP HRS Croatia
Siting referee Michaela Bendaříková, OK2MWN CRC Czechia
Event and technical director Miroslav Vlach, OK1UMY CRC Czechia
Secretary of the Jury Tereza Skládanková CRC Czechia
Assistants to siting referee: Miroslav Vlach, Jan Michalec    

Competition rules:

IARU Region 1 Rules for Championships in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (Part A and Part B), version 2020 (downloadable here:

Child protection policy:

Event programme:

Training camp:

Thursday August 24 arrival for Training camp
Friday August 25 training 2x classics
Saturday August 26 training sprint and foxoring

Note: Accommodation will be arranged in the same facilities as for the Championships. All training competitions will be organized as self-serviced – transmitters will be operating in certain time range and every participant can start and finish by himself. There will be a SI system installed.

IARU World ARDF Championships

Sunday August 27 arrival, training (1st classics and sprint), opening ceremony
Monday August 28 1st classics
Tuesday August 29 sprint, training (2nd classics and foxoring)
Wednesday August 30 the day off
Thursday August 31 2nd classics
Friday September 01 foxoring, closing ceremony
Saturday September 02 departure


1st classics: 3,5 MHz (W19, W21, W35, M19, M21, M40)
  144 MHz (W45, W55, W65, M50, M60, M70)
2nd classics: 144 MHz (W19, W21, W35, M19, M21, M40)
  3.5 MHz (W45, W55, W65, M50, M60, M70)


According to the Rules: W19, M19, W21, M21, W35, M40, W45, M50, W55, M60, W65, M70


Individual for each category and each competition, team ranking for each category for the two classics. Competitors at 1.-3. places will be awarded with medals and certificates.

Transmitters and antennas:

3.5 MHz transmitters for sprint (1 minute cycle – 12s:48s)

  • RF power 1 W
  • antenna: 8m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise
  • frequency:
    TX 1-5: MOE-MO5 keying speed 50 PARIS 3.53 MHz
    spectators control: S keying speed 50 PARIS 3.55 MHz
    TX 1F-5F: MOE-MO5 keying speed 70 PARIS 3.57 MHz
    finish beacon: MO keying speed 50 PARIS 3.60 MHz

3.5 MHz transmitters (classics)

  • RF power 3W
  • frequency: TX 1-5: MOE-MO5 3.53 MHz, finish beacon: MO 3.60 MHz
  • antenna: 8m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise

144 MHz transmitters (classics)

  • RF power 1W ERP
  • frequency: TX 1-5: MOE-MO5 144.50 MHz, finish beacon: MO 144.85 MHz
  • antenna: crossed dipoles 2.5 m above ground level

3.5 MHz transmitters for foxoring (continuous)

  • RF power 10 mW, beacon: 1W
  • antenna:
    field transmitters 30 cm vertical + no counterpoise,
    finish beacon 8m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise
  • frequency:
    TX 1, 2, 1F, 2F   MOE, MOI   3.53 MHz
    TX 3, 4, 3F, 4F   MOS, MOH   3.55 MHz
    TX 5, 5F   MO5   3.57 MHz
    finish beacon   MO   3.60 MHz
  • TX 1-5, finish beacon: keying speed 50 PARIS, TX 1F-5F: keying speed 70 PARIS


  • 3.5 MHz band: standard 30x30 cm 3-sided white and orange flag at all controls
  • 144 MHz band: 30x30 cm 3-sided white and orange flag with a blue vertical stripe at all controls
  • Sprint: 30x30 cm 3-sided white and orange flag at S (spectator) and B (beacon) controls, red/white striped SI stand (no flag) at all other controls.
  • Foxoring: 30x30 cm 3-sided white and orange flag at B (beacon) control, no flag and black SI stand at all other controls.

Marking device:

SportIdent at all controls (NOT in the AIR mode), control numbers and bands are written on the SI units.

Note on use of GPS devices:

The use of satellite positioning devices is allowed provided they do not contain digital map of the terrain.

Note on thunderstorm:

In a case of a severe thunderstorm, the Chairman of the Jury may recall the competition (27.5 of the Rules)—in such case, it will be announced to competitors by switching off all the transmitters with an exception of the beacon and TX No. 1 (MOE, not necessarily the one placed in terrain) which both remain operating continuously. The competitors shall set for the finish

Insurance and Medical Care:

First aid facility will be available at the finish areas for all competitions. No cost to the participant applies for on-site minor treatment; however, the cost for ambulance transportation, emergency department visits, and clinic visits will be the participant’s responsibility. Thus, we recommend you to purchase an insurance covering such expenses.


All maps are IOF standards, status: 2021, revised 2023


Terrain characteristics, clothing, weather:

Terrain is mountainous with many stones and rocks, low scrubs (mostly blueberries) and occasional waterlogged areas. There is alternating continuous forest, which is interwoven with a dense network of paths of varying quality. Temperatures in August are typically 20–25 °C, thunderstorms should be expected in this time of the year. There is no restriction on the type of footwear or clothing. However, covering elbows and knees is highly recommended.


Entry fee World Championships

Competitors: 1800 CZK per competition, whole event 7200 CZK
(registration, transport to start and from finish, souvenirs, banquet etc.)
Team officials: 1000 CZK per competition, whole event 4000 CZK
(registration, transport to start and from finish, souvenirs, banquet etc.)
Visitors: 200 CZK per competition, whole event 800 CZK
(transport to finish and back)
Separate Hamfest fee: 750 CZK

It is NOT allowed to use your own transportation to start of any World championships competition.

Entry fee Training camp (competitors and team officials) 750 CZK per competition, whole event 3000 CZK
- registration, starting fee

Accommodation and Board: 1000 CZK per person and day
World Championships 6000 CZK
Training camp 3000 CZK
Both events 9000 CZK

Number of team officials per team is not limited.

Current exchange rate is 1 EUR to 24 CZK, for more detailed information see:



Letter of intent: April 30, 2023

Letter of intent (attached below) should be sent by email to info@ardf2023.cz Letters of intent received after the deadline will not be accepted

List of participants and fee payment: July 31, 2023

For late payments, an additional charge 50% of the entry fees will be applied.


Wire transfer to the account:
Beneficiary: Asociace rádiového orientačního běhu ČR z.s.
Beneficiary Address: Zátopkova 100/2, 160 17 Praha 6
Bank: MONETA Money Bank a.s.
IBAN: CZ68 0600 0000 0001 5498 8883
Account: 154988883 (bank code 0600)
Bank address: MMB a.s., Vítězné náměstí 577/2, 160 00 Praha 6, Czechia.
Transfers shall be carried in CZK. It is your obligation to pay all the bank fees. Therefore, you should
set the “code for transfer” to “OUR” in your transfer form.

Embargoed area:

As of the publishing date of this bulletin, it is forbidden to train or move around in any forested area within the highlighted areas below. Allowed exceptions are official orienteering events organized by Czech Orienteering Federation and maintained cross-country skiing trails in winter.

mapa sektoru


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